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Pegasus Elite Aviation (PEG)
  • I can't even begin to describe in words how awesome this experience was. It was easy to book the reservation online. Great customer service and I was able to speak with a representative who answer all my questions. Very professional service.
    Erick Cedeno
  • They treat you like a queen!! So good ! The crew so nice and responsible, they take care of you and do everything for you to feel comfortable and relax. It was my most relaxing flight ever. No stress. Definitely see you next time.
    Valentina Pashkov
  • Perfect flight experience. Comfortable and relaxed flight, the staff considerate pleasant and courteous, the plane was clean and tidy and was so pleasant to pass the time until arrival.
    Lian Fishbein
  • I had the opportunity to intern with Imperium Jets this summer and it was a fantastic experience. It was a pleasure working with Lidor and the team. I can’t wait to see what Imperium is doing in the next year!
    Sarah Schwartz
  • Definitely the smoothest process to get cross country! Took 5 hours to get from LA to NY. Flight crew was kind and easy to get along with. Flight attendant was very helpful. Might never go back to commercial flights! 5 Stars
    Brandon Miller
  • What an amazing flight. I really enjoyed how easy and comfortable the flight was. The check in was simple and the food was great. I will fly again for sure.
    Maxwel Payne Stark
  • Such an amazing experience the service was impeccable the seats recline all the way back for the most comfortable experience we were all able to sleep and recuperate our energy for once we had landed.
    Kaeleigh Gilabert
  • Absolutely incredible experience! Service was amazing! I had an amazing lobster meal and they provided me with every drink I asked for! Couldn’t have asked for anything better!
    Sebastian Domenech
  • What an excellent flight we had today. amazing service from beginning to end! Couldn't recommend enough. Thanks all!
    Revital Assaf, Graphic Designer
  • What a wonderful experience! Clean and peaceful. I can see why anyone would want to travel for work or pleasure with Imperium Jets!
    Emily Karlsson, Actor
  • Awesome experience! Everything was super simple and fast, and the crew was really nice. Those flights work best for quick same day trips.
    Ido Bartana, Photographer
  • Thank you for a wonderful experience!!! I had a great flight and a great service!
    Rinat Rokach
  • From A to Z my experience was great! Everything went super smooth and easy! I definitely recommend Imperium Jets.
    Danielle Yehudai
  • The folks over at Imperium take all the hard work out of traveling.
    Matthew Stumpf, Web Designer
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By The Seat
Never again pay for an entire aircraft to fly private. Buy and fly 'by the seat'.
Safety First
Our aircraft and service personnel comply with the highest safety regulations and hygiene standards.
Reliably Low Prices
Fly for as low as $250 on a business aircraft with all amenities included.
Fixed Schedules
A fixed schedule of flights you can plan around and count on.
Premium Experience
More space, supreme comfort, and a VIP experience. Complete peace of mind.
Save Time
No more busy, crowded airports with endless lines. Arrive in style 30 mins before departure.
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